UVIS Vehicle Chassis Scanning System

UVIS vehicle scanning system is an advanced security system dedicated for monitoring of the chassis of motor vehicles. The system allows for inspection of the chassis of the vehicles entering the zone as well as for detection of the threats connected with modifications and the devices or materials which may be found under the vehicle.

UVIS System

UVIS system allows for monitoring of the chassis of motor vehicles, such as:

  • passenger cars and vans (including cars with lowered suspension to 15 cm),
  • trucks, tank trucks, special vehicles (including trucks with semi-trailers and trailers),
  • motorcycles.

The use of high-class image converters and of an intelligent processor allows for obtaining of the full image of the chassis in 3 seconds.

Thanks to the use of high-resolution video cameras positioned in relation to each other in different angles, the system allows for obtaining of the image of resolution 3800x1500.

UVIS system is delivered together with an operator station. UVIS allows for monitoring of vehicles moving with the maximum speed of 45 km/h. There is a possibility to record and compare the scans of the vehicles entering the facility through different gates. The system monitors the chassis of the vehicle while moving and while stopped. Stop or movement of the vehicle does not affect the outcome and the quality of scanning.
System UVIS cz.2


UVIS system is found both in a stationary version dedicated for installation in the place of inspection of the vehicles entering and leaving the given zone and in a mobile version allowing for performance of a temporary inspection in any place where threats may occur.


In 3 seconds, the system allows for obtaining of three-dimensional digital image of the chassis of the vehicle.

       With the use of an efficient image detector and machine-learning algorithm, UVIS system detects abnormalities in the form     
       of modification or additional objects in the structure of the chassis in an automated way.

Apart from the basic chassis monitoring function, the system allows also for identification of the following elements and for
       recording them in the database: vehicle registration plate and additional images in the form of a photo of the vehicle driver, of
       the front of the vehicle, of the right and left side of the vehicle.

The basic system module is built of galvanised steel with protection rating IP68. The module is equipped with ventilation
       system and heater system allowing for working in temperatures from -45⁰C to +85⁰C.
       The system operates correctly in different lighting, both in full sunlight and in complete darkness.

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