CCTV Systems

Nowadays, CCTV systems perform not only the role of security systems but often the role of manufacture and logistic support systems.
Systemy monitoringu wizyjnego
Apart from their application in the field of facility security, i.e. observation and monitoring of events, CCTV systems are widely applied in the field of manufacturing process support, logistic process improvement or verification of quality of manufactured materials or rendered services. Wider and wider application of CCTV systems is also connected with development of the in-built image analytic algorithms. It allows for application of CCTV systems in various branches of economy. At present, the most commonly used solutions are based on IP network devices. Proper selection of system elements and their parameters connected with monitoring and recording of video images is of key importance for obtaining of proper final effect - a system tailored to the needs of the user. CCTV system integration with other security systems and IT systems functioning in the given facility is a very important aspect of construction of this system.

Apart from standard solutions applied in CCTV systems, we implement systems based on specialist devices, such as: thermal imaging video cameras and devices dedicated for use in explosion risk zones.

Using its abundant experience and knowledge, PRODUS S.A. has been dealing with CCTV system designing and implementation for years. Our solutions are characterised by an individual approach to the Investor’s needs as well as by tailoring of the solution meeting the assumed system parameters. In this field, we cooperate with the key suppliers of hardware and software solutions.
Systemy monitoringu wizyjnego