Wireless Systems

Systemy bezprzewodowe
In the era of growing availability of wireless solutions, we keep up with the requirements of the market offering the latest and tailor-made technologies to our Customers.

We are able to deliver and implement the latest reliable and secure radio solutions in numerous categories, i.e.:
  • burglar alarm systems,
  • fire signalling systems,
  • industrial and building automation systems,
  • off-grid systems,
  • ICT and transmission networks,
  • measurement and other systems.

The present wireless transmission systems offer the features which were unavailable earlier and which qualify them for application reserved solely for traditional wired solutions before.

The wireless systems offered by us are characterised inter alia by:
  • long battery working time (e.g. even 3 - 5 years for detectors and peripheral devices),
  • high security level (coding by means of 128-bit key, expanded diagnostic algorithms),
    long range,
  • abundant possibilities to monitor the condition of work of the devices (bidirectional transmission, lowered energy consumption modes),
  • detection of disturbance and loss of communication, with connection redundancy option,
  • lowered installation costs,
  • ease and flexibility of extension,
  • non-invasiveness (easy installation, lack of the need to mount the cable ducts or to perform earthworks, etc.),
  • possibility to change the location or configuration of the system easily and cheaply,
  • short times of implementation and commissioning of the systems (flexibility and quick response to new or temporal needs),
  • conformity with relevant standards, confirmed by independent certification bodies.
Systemy bezprzewodowe - charakterystyka

The list of the offered applications of wireless solutions is not closed; we are ready to meet the requirements of the Customers. We encourage you to contact us and to acquaint yourself with our wireless solutions.