Security Systems

In the present world, correct and secure functioning of industrial, military, public and private facilities has become impossible without their equipment with modern electronic security systems. Wishing to satisfy the needs of our Customers, for a lot of years we have been dealing with designing, construction and servicing of security installations, inter alia:
Systemy bezpieczeństwa - opis
For management as well as full and convenient supervision over work of the systems, we offer SMS (Security Management System) and BMS (Building Management System).

Threat analysis, designing, construction and servicing of security systems is a challenge and motivation for creation of innovative solutions based on the latest technologies for our staff. The systems delivered by us are characterised by great reliability and resistance to disturbance, they are successful in various applications as well as they come from the best manufacturers and suppliers in the given industry.

We provide security to the most demanding Customers, constructing security systems in critical state infrastructure plants (power plants, mines, airports), industrial plants, logistic centres, strategic military facilities, public and governmental administration facilities.

We are a representative of the leading manufacturers, offering inter alia SICURIT and SIEZA systems on the Polish market.

We cooperate with end users, general contractors and well as construction and specialist companies. We invite you to cooperate with us.