Perimeter Security

Provision of effective security system for modern industrial plants, plants and infrastructure belonging to the ‘critical state infrastructure’, airports, seaports, material and logistic bases, military facilities, governmental facilities and a lot of other facilities in the field of controlled access of persons to the area of the facility is a key task from the point of view of security of functioning of these facilities and the need to protect the most confidential information of the given plant or enterprise.

Perimeter security usually constitutes the first zone of direct security of the facility providing information on crossing or attempted crossing of the secured zone and sometimes it is the only security zone. The basic requirements set to the perimeter security systems is 100% effectiveness of intruder detection with minimisation of the possibilities of occurrence of false alarms. PRODUS S.A. offers perimeter security systems which have been particularly appreciated by the users thanks to their effectiveness, reliable operation, possibility of cooperation and integration with other security systems, such as CCTV, burglar alarm systems, access control systems, chassis scanners and SMSs (Security Management Systems).

We encourage you to ask questions and to acquaint yourself with the functionality of the perimeter security system.

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