Integration of Peridect+ with Milestone XProtect VMS


Integration of Peridect+ with Milestone XProtect VMS

We are pleased to inform that Peridect+ is fully compatible with Milestone XProtect VMS!
Integration of the fence perimeter security system, PERIDECT+, with Milestone XProtect VMS system was performed on the basis of a native plugin, Peridect Connector.
The plugin provides great possibilities, inter alia immediate detection of alarm and violation of the zone protected by PERIDECT+, transmission of alarm data to VMS in less than 3 seconds and visualisation in Milestone XProtect VMS.

Integration on software level provides the possibility to construct any algorithms of operation of VMS, for example through controlling of the settings of PTZ video camera, displaying of actions on alarm monitors, recording of events and alarms as footage in the given zone of video camera observation or visualisation of conditions and alarms generated by PERIDECT + on the map of the secured area.

PERIDECT + plugin has been integrated with all versions of Milestone XProtect VMS. It operates through assignment of a licence of the given CUP + unit to the relevant licence in XProtect software.

Selected functionalities:
  • Monitoring of Peridect + conditions in w Events Manager of Milestone XProtect: connection error reporting, redundancy functions, etc.,
  • Configuration of connection and structure of the system (SafeGuarded line/loop architecture) by means of the XProtect Management Client configuration plugin,
  • Visualisation of alarm signals from DSP + detectors and LIP + modules on a map in XProtect Smart Client,
  • Manual or automated assignment of alarms and technical information (defects) to events defined by the user,
  • Triggering of any action/rule, i.e. change on alarm monitor, PTZ video camera rotation, etc., through events defined by the user.
We encourage you to ask questions and to acquaint yourself with the functionality of PERIDECT+ Milestone XProtect VMS plugin.

Please address all inquiries to:
Marcin Stępień
Security System Specialist

+48 697 888 787