„ConBeRo Wireless system for fire risk detection on belt conveyors”

We are proud to announce that our company PRODUS S.A. has just launched the „ConBeRo Wireless system for fire risk detection on belt conveyors” at an open-cast lignite mine in Bełchatów. This is the first of its kind pilot project started in EU that utilizes LoRaWAN for wireless communication between Gateway and temperature sensing end-devices mounted on suspended idlers.
ConBeRo system allows maintenance crew to remotely monitor the belt conveyor and prevent faults. A constant temperature monitoring is possible on bearings, as well as on other critical parts of conveyor. Conveyors are expected to be equipped with additional sensors to monitor other key parameters (eg. belt tension) further within the project.
For the moment, mines are hiring specialists to carry temperature monitoring utilizing different techniques such as thermovision which significantly raises costs. Deploying ConBeRo will save funds, reduce measurements carried by professionals and most importantly, the system will provide safety for workers and whole facility.