The AvantgardeDT perimeter protection system is characterized by parameters that determine its use in the external protection of critical infrastructure facilities, where we can encounter difficult external conditions and at the same time conditions for stable operation of the system and a low rate of false alarms are set. The AvantgardeDT dual barrier system works on the principle of correlation of IR infrared technology with MW (DualTechnology) microwave technology. The multi-sensor technology is based on a networked CU management unit. Each dual barrier set consists of a set of bi-directional infrared modules (3 to 5) and a K-Band microwave module installed in aluminum columns with a height of 2 to 3 meters. Thanks to the patented bi-directional technology of IR modules and the use of a plenary microwave antenna module, the elimination of false alarms related to external phenomena such as thick fog, snowfall, rain, hail, the appearance of falling leaves, the presence of small animals, etc. has been ensured.


The dual technology barrier system has a number of unique functions implemented in the device:

  • Each infra-red beam installed in AVANTGARDE™ barrier is equipped with a microprocessor, thanks to which it is possible to define and programme up to 5 alarming scenarios. The algorithm may be used for improvement of system operation and filtering of alarms connected with activity of animals (small animals, flying birds), thanks to which it enhances the ability to detect real alarms.
  • Another key innovation in AVANTGARDE™ is introduction of signal effectiveness analysis (SEA), a maintenance tool which continuously monitors stability of optical communication and efficiency of each infra-red module. The system sends information to the operator automatically at the moment when the system requires inspection. SEA is used for monitoring of condition of the device depending on pollution of the front column cover or external disturbance of infra-red beam.
  • Thanks to the use of patented bidirectional infra-red beam technology, the system is fully resistant to direct sunlight or to external light sources, which are often the main reason of occurrence of false alarms in conventional infra-red barriers.
  • Communication between AVANTGARDE™ Slave (TX) and Master (RX) barriers is optical and does not require the use of any synchronisation wiring, which results in the fact that the installation procedures are simpler and less expensive. Security of optical data transmission is guaranteed by continuous regeneration of specific codes protected by checksums.
  • AVANTGARDE™ barrier system provides not only basic alarm information but also information on the target direction of movement of the intruder, thanks to which tracking of the target by means of CCTV video cameras on facility perimeter is easier and more accurate.
  • AVANTGARDE™ system barriers may adjust themselves to every drastic change of the environment, such as heavy snowfall or sandstorm, as well as to growth of grass through temporary disabling of the IR beams which are temporal and covered by the external elements.

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