Perimeter Detection System PERIDECT+

PERIDECT+ perimeter security system detects the intruder directly at the border of the secured area, due to which the system obtains sufficient time for the security operator to respond effectively. It ensures reduction of the risk of facility penetration by the intruder as well as provides greater security against damages than detection of break-ins inside the secured facility. Peridect + system may be installed on all popular fencing types but also on non-standard fencings, such as metal slabs and welded decorative fencings.
System Peridect+
PERIDECT system offers a solution providing precise and effective perimeter security for medium and large facilities, such as industrial plants, airports and military bases. PERIDECT uses digital piezoelectric sensors for effective detection of mechanic vibrations resulting from the attempts to overcome the fencing (climbing, cutting, lifting). PERIDECT system is a fully autonomous system which allows for precise detection of intrusion locations on fencing panels (usually between 2 - 4 m). Each detector contains a piezoelectric element operated by the signal converter based on a microprocessor allowing for precise setting of parameters of individual detectors. For the purposes of maximum adjustment of system operation to the environmental conditions affecting the fencing and to fencing quality, the system allows for individual parametrisation of each PERIDECT system detector. The unique functionality of PERIDECT system in the form of ‘Differential Logic’ algorithm additionally reduces the number of false alarms caused by bad weather conditions (heavy rainfall, strong wind and hail) to great extent.
The system architecture has been presented below:

PERIDECT+System Characteristics

  • Very low level of false alarms

    Thanks to the unique algorithm which compares the data with the neighbouring sensors, Peridect + radically reduces false alarms caused by weather conditions, such as rain, wind, hail and lightening.
  • Detection accuracy

    Thanks to addressable vibration detectors installed on each fencing panel, Peridect + system works with very high detection accuracy - usually from 2 m to 4 m.
  • Redundancy

    Thanks to the use of LCP+ modules working in Master and Slave system, it is possible to construct the system in RING architecture, which provides the possibility of work of the system as a result of breaking of the surveillance line or short circuit.
  • Economic solution

    One CUP + control unit (with two LCP + line controllers) covers up to 3 km of facility perimeter. CUP + units connected in a cascade way allow for securing of hundreds of kilometres of fencing.
  • Native integration with CCTV system

    In case of alarm detection, external IP PTZ video camera is directed automatically so as to observe alarm occurrence for the purposes of two-staged verification.
  • Vandal-proof installation

    Stainless steel plait for the wire of the main enhances security against mechanical damages and electromagnetic disturbance.
  • Module construction

    The module architecture of Peridect + allows for easy modification and extension of the system in the future.
  • Integration with superior systems

    Programmable outputs may be connected with burglar alarm system central stations. Open API is available for integration with PSIM software. Visualisation systems may display exact location of intrusion.

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PERIDECT+ Detection Line

PERIDECT+ Perimeter Detection System

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